What Is A Color Tile Machine

- Dec 16, 2019-

Caiwa machine is a machine that uses special advanced technology to process low cost raw materials such as cement and sand. Color tile machines are divided into different types of color tile equipment, such as roll-formed color tile machines, extruded color tile machines, and molded color tile machines, according to the different products and work properties. Color tile machine adopts imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, integrated control, and fully automatic control. The positioning of the "guide sleeve" of the traditional molding machine has been changed to the "four-post" precision positioning. The performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable, and the productivity and yield are higher than those of similar foreign products. At present, the moulded color tile machine is the most advanced and efficient full-automatic numerical control color tile machine. It is fool-type operation, simple and easy, and suitable for various entrepreneurial groups.