What Is Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine Ceramic Tile Cutting Machine Classification

- Jul 10, 2019-


What is a tile cutter

Ceramic tile cutting machine can also be called intermediate brick machine, the current market like this electric desktop ceramic tile cutting machine, it is a common equipment in ceramic processing plants, is one of the common processing plants must use products, this tool can play a cutting, high efficiency, speed, not broken edge. The biggest advantage is that a cutting piece can cut 400-600 meters of ceramic tiles, the cost is very low, now the main sales address in the market is mostly in foshan, guangdong province, is the birthplace of ceramic machinery in China, there are deep ceramic ceramic machinery.

Ceramic tile cutting machine classification

1. Manual self-measuring ceramic tile cutting machine

Actually this kind calls manual ceramic tile to push knife again (manual ceramic tile delimits knife, manual ceramic tile cuts machine, manual ceramic tile pulls machine, manual ceramic tile to push knife) etc. Manual self-test ceramic tile cutting machine is to eliminate pneumoconiosis environmental protection machinery! High quality polished tiles, floor tiles and other hardness, electric cutting opportunities to produce edge breakage. And the use of manual self-measuring ceramic tile cutting machine, accurately cut the glaze, separation mechanism lever principle of a separation, the incision is neat.

Manual ceramic tile cutting machine operation is simple, environmental protection, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high quality, efficient. Features: no water, no electricity, no dust, no noise, 3-5 seconds successfully cut a tile. Manual ceramic tile cutting machine no electricity, no dust, no noise, low loss. In this era of environmental protection, more and more construction workers realize the serious harm of dust to their own health, and the huge impact of noise on the environment. Green manual ceramic tile cutting machine, into people's lives.

2. Power tools

Cutting with power tools, ceramic tile, stone, especially dry cutting, will produce a lot of dust. The dust is mainly anhydrous silicic acid, also known as siliceous soil. Long-term exposure to the dust can lead to several diseases: lung disease, including chronic bronchitis, silicosis, pneumoconiosis, and pulmonary fibrosis. It is recommended that the staff should wear a mask when operating.

3, ceramic tile multi-functional cutting machine

Ceramic tile multifunctional cutting machine is also a simple and practical ceramic tile processing plant use of the machine, the general need to use, namely ceramic tile edge grinding machine and ceramic tile cutting machine. As modern society enters the age of science and technology, ceramic tile multifunctional also entered the upgrade, designed a lot of high quality pottery machine. Now the general market for 800 multi - function cutting machine and 1.2 meters multi - function cutting machine two.