What Is The Difference Between Cement Tiles And Ceramic Tiles

- Nov 19, 2019-

Cement tile is actually the abbreviation of colored cement tile, also called color tile, cement tile. Because the raw material used is cement, it is often called cement tile.

The cement tile is made by high pressure and high pressure die pressing. Therefore, the finished product has high density, high strength, good rain and frost resistance, and the surface is flat and accurate in size.

The color cement tile has various colors, long service life and low cost. It is suitable for both ordinary houses and waterproof and heat insulation of high-end villas and high-rise buildings.

Therefore, colored cement tiles are a new choice for the construction of new socialist countryside and urban communities and high-end bungalows.

The biggest features of cement tile are:

1. Sound insulation, heat insulation, drainage performance, no combustion at all, high strength and long service life.

2. It does not contain organic volatiles and is a green building material.

3, installation, construction is convenient, can be bonded with a variety of materials, and can be processed well, can be nailed, saw.

4, rich in color, bright as a mirror (molding process), acid, alkali, pollution-resistant, not easy to fade.

Ceramic tiles, belonging to a roof building material.

The utility model has a rectangular tile body, wherein the front surface of the tile body has a longitudinal groove, and the tile body on the upper end of the groove has a tiling block head, and the left and right sides of the tile body are left lapped sides respectively. The right side of the tile has a rear claw boss at the lower end of the back of the tile body, and the convex portion of the back surface of the tile body has a protruding rear rib.

The ceramic tile structure is reasonable, the drainage is smooth, and there is no water leakage phenomenon. When installing, each ceramic tile can be put together with each other, and the convenience is high, the connection is tight, and the connection is firm.

The tile body can be made of ceramic material, with high flexural strength, uniform density, light weight, no water absorption, and does not increase the roof load due to water absorption and weight increase like cylinder tiles and cement tiles. The surface of the tile body is smooth and flat, and may have The various colors are the ideal roofing material for modern architecture.