What Is The Difference Between Cement Tiles And Terracotta Tiles?

- Jun 15, 2020-

What is the difference between cement tiles and terracotta tiles?

1. The raw materials for the production of different cement tiles are sand, cement, pigments, additives, and water. The production raw materials directly affect the quality of cement tiles. The raw material of terracotta is clay and other composites. The type and availability of clay is greatly dependent on the geological distribution. Different clays have different chemical composition, mineral composition, particle size and plasticity.

2. Different molding process High quality aluminum alloy template is adopted for cement tile, which is formed by high pressure extrusion. Sophisticated tile making machine can ensure precise size of cement tile, uniform density of tile body and stable quality. The terracotta tile is extruded and pressurized, and the wet embryo of the terracotta tile extruded through the press equipment is then pressed and molded with a mold. 3. Different coloring process High-quality cement tiles are wet-colored, that is, specially-made colored cement mortar, which is cured at the same time with the tile body to ensure that the color of the tiles is integrated. When the cement tile body is dry, spray the GEP protective film to make the tile surface shiny and bright, resistant to acid and alkali, weathering, and natural erosion. The ceramic tile needs to be dried after the tile body is formed, and the dried ceramic tile can be glazed, that is, the ceramic tile is colored. Sheng Shi Zhuo Ye currently has three main coloring processes for terracotta tiles: namely, dipping glaze, pouring glaze and spraying.