What Is The Reason Why Colored Tiles Are Popular?

- Jan 06, 2020-

What is the reason why colored tiles are popular?

We also learned that color steel tiles also have the advantages of high durability, good thermal insulation and reasonable price.

High durability: The service life of any colored steel plate on the market is at least 15 years. It is also very convenient if you replace it later. Manufacturers of roll forming machines say high-quality colored steel sheets can be used for more than 35 years.

Thermal insulation layer: The thermal insulation layer here refers to the color steel sandwich panel or color steel composite panel (rock wool sandwich panel). Color steel veneer does not have insulation and insulation properties. The core material of color steel sandwich panel is usually foam or glass wool, glass wool, polyurethane and so on. They all have good thermal insulation properties.

Reasonable price: The price of color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel is very reasonable. Compared with the traditional steel structure workshop, it has the advantages of fast production speed, light weight plate and fast installation speed, shortening the construction period and reducing costs.