What Kind Of Staff Is Needed To Maintain And Repair The Hydraulic System Of The Hollow Brick Making Machine?

- Dec 09, 2019-

The innovation and development of construction machinery is a basic aid for a country's urban construction. After using construction machinery for a period of time, relevant staff must perform professional and delicate maintenance on the actual use of the construction machinery, and have serious wear, corrosion, and damage. , Oxidation and other parts. Hollow brick brick making machine is a kind of engineering machinery, mainly used in the production of ecological brick products such as permeable bricks, hydraulic bricks, roadside stones, slope protection bricks, etc., and has a very high automatic production capacity. When the hollow brick making machine needs to replace the collar firmware, if the quality of the replacement parts in the maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system of the hollow brick making machine is unqualified, this will inevitably lead to the failure or hidden trouble of its hydraulic transmission system. For the hydraulic drive system of a hollow brick making machine, the fine filter is an important structure that requires the relevant staff to carry out focused maintenance. When the original fine filter is worn out, the relevant staff will replace it. However, if the quality of the fine filter to be replaced is not strictly controlled, or there are cracks and micropores on the filter paper, it will cause the small holes to be blocked, the filtering function cannot be achieved, and the hydraulic system of the hollow brick making machine will also be New fault. In addition, when the relevant staff performs maintenance on the hydraulic system of the hollow brick making machine, the rigorous operation will also cause the failure. For example, flushing the system at the same time as component cleaning will cause certain pollutants to remain in the hydraulic drive system, leading to failures. The editor of Ruiguang warmly reminds that only professional and precise maintenance and repair can effectively extend the service life of hollow brick making machines. In addition, the maintenance and repair staff of hollow brick making machines must pass strict training before they can take up their posts.