What Should I Do If There Is Crack In The Cement Tile Produced By The Cement Tile Machine?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Cracks can be found in the three aspects of material ratio, production process and maintenance.

You can start with the material ratio. See if the amount of cement is too much, whether the water-cement ratio is suitable, whether the mud content of the sand is too large, whether the particle size of the sand is too fine, and whether the gradation is reasonable (the particle size of the sand should not be too consistent, preferably thick and thin) ), if necessary, go to the test room of the building unit and ask them to make a mix design.

Also check the production process of the small cement excavator. The focus is on vibration during the demolding and handling process after forming.

The second is to check whether the curing conditions are reasonable. Cement is a water-based material that requires a certain amount of water during its hardening process. If there are conditions, you can build a maintenance room. If there is no condition, it should be raised to a certain indoor temperature and humidity, or covered with straw curtains and watered for maintenance. Never use fire in the greenhouse to heat and bake. When the cement tile has not yet reached the curing strength, its ability to withstand vibration and temperature changes is poor, so do not excessively vibrate when the cement tile has not reached a certain strength. The temperature difference of the cement tile environment change should not be too big or too sudden. If it is moved from the greenhouse to the outside, it should be gradually cooled down.