Why Is The Block Machine An Environmentally Friendly Brick Machine?

- Apr 15, 2020-

Why is the block machine an environmentally friendly brick machine?

  At present, in the general climate of the country ’s environmental pollution control, we must do something. No matter what investment we make, we must be consistent with national policies in order to move forward boldly, so that we can not only get government support but also earn money. considerable profit. Investing in a block machine is the right choice, because the block machine is a so-called environmentally friendly brick machine, which has the following multiple environmental conditions.

    1. The raw materials used for the blocks produced by the block machine: it uses slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stones, cement, etc. as the main raw materials. These raw materials not only have low prices, but also effectively protect precious land resources At the same time, it also realized the reuse of resources.

    2. The technology of block production by block making machine: It is a non-sintering type, and it is directly formed without sintering, which reduces the discharge of a large amount of pollutants.

    3. The hydraulic system of the block machine not only has good seismic effect, but also has low working noise and low energy consumption.

    4. The block machine is powerful. It can not only produce wall bricks, but also all kinds of pavement bricks. This kind of brick has no radiation and pollution, high strength, high permeability, and no slipping. It is a kind of environmental and social policy. High-tech products required.