Wide Application Of Tile Machine In Industry

- Jul 19, 2019-

Modern tile processing plants use electric tile cutting machines. They are generally used in Types 800 and 1200. They are also equipped with 8-16 arc polishing machines. They can operate a tile processing factory. The equipment features fast speed and precision. High, no folds. Tile machine

     The focus here is on manual self-testing tile cutters, also known as manual tile pushers (manual tile cutters, manual tile cutters, manual tile drawing machines, manual tile pushers). Manual self-test tile cutter is a dust-free environmental protection machine! High-grade polished tiles, floor tiles and other high hardness, with the opportunity of electric cutting, resulting in sag. And the manual self-testing tile cutter can precisely cut the glaze, the separation mechanism is separated by the principle of the lever, and the cutting is neat.

     Friendly Tip: Cutting with power tools, tiles, stone, especially dry cut, will produce a lot of dust. These dusts are mainly anhydrous silicates, also known as silica soils. Long-term inhalation of these dusts can lead to the following diseases: 1 lung disease, including chronic bronchitis, silicosis, pneumoconiosis, pulmonary fibrosis. 2 skin diseases, skin rashes, skin ulcers, etc. 3 cancer, long-term exposure to certain substances, such as metal particles, dust, chemicals or pesticides will increase the risk of cancer.

     Multi-functional tile cutting machine stone cutting machine product trial range: suitable for high-speed cutting of ordinary stone, such as granite, ceramic tile, marble and other stone, economic, sharp, water cutting applications are wide; suitable for engineering construction and mass users; suitable for high speed Cutting ordinary stone, adding water to cut medium and high hardness stone, front, moderate service life, suitable for small-scale engineering, non-professional. Tile machine

    Widening film is your best choice; suitable for cutting medium hardness stone, ceramic, concrete, etc., high efficiency, wide range of applications, suitable for medium engineering, professional users; suitable for high-speed cutting medium and high hardness stone, high cutting efficiency, good durability Suitable for large-scale engineering, professional stone production tile machine