Cement roof tile Machine

Cement roof tile Machine

Specifications 1.ISO 9001 certification 2.PLC Auto control 3.Power:18KW,Pressure:128T 4.Molding speed:6-9pcs/min 5.Production:1,200,000pcs Technical Parameter 1. The new cylinder shape mould pressing shaping machine has many advantages such as: speedy in shaping,large output,reliable. Adopts PLC...
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Product Details


1.ISO 9001 certification 
2.PLC Auto control 
4.Molding speed:6-9pcs/min 


Technical Parameter

 Technical Parameter:
 Item NO.: SMY8-128
 Product's name: Concrete floor tile machine
 Forming speed: 6-9 pcs/minute
 Annual production: 1,000,000 pcs (8 hours/day)
 Product Dimension: 200x200mm,300x300mm,400x400m,500x500mm
 Method: pressed
 Voltage: 380V
 Power: 18KW
 Materials: Rolled steel
 Employee: 4 persons/group
 Surface color: Optional
 Packaging: Bulk & Wooden case
 Minimum order: One set
 Delivery time: 7-15 days after have deposit
 Cross weight: About 5,000KG
 Cube type: 20 GP/Set


1.   The new cylinder shape mould pressing shaping machine has many advantages such as: speedy in shaping,large     output,reliable. Adopts PLC (MITSUBISHI Tech), control automatically, full hydraulic & air operated, its producing speed can be 6-9 pcs/min, high yield, high cost performance.


2.  Using semi-circle rail under its slide, which is more stable & abrasion proof than square types. Tetrastyle unity guides its main oil cylinder & mould; this makes the equipment more stable, and, increases its lifetime.


3.   After shaping from the filter-press mould, its productions get artistic in structure, various in kind, high density, hard intensity, the exact size, etc. Fit for various buildings, and it is the competitive product in the field of concrete products.


4.   One machine serves several purposes. Can produce various of main tiles & other matched ones through the way of changing its mould.