Roof Tile Making Machine Concrete

Roof Tile Making Machine Concrete

roof tile making machine concrete Automatic cement roofing tile making machine is the new product which is developed and produced by absorbing the latest international technology. Automatic cement roofing tile making machine adopts PLC controlling system, full-hydraulic press and pneumatic to...
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roof tile making machine concrete

Automatic cement roofing tile making machine is the new product which is developed and produced by absorbing the latest international technology.

Automatic cement roofing tile making machine adopts PLC controlling system, full-hydraulic press and pneumatic to shape. Automatic cement roofing tile making machine is a high-tech machine with a rapid producing speed and high productivity. 

It is the most ideal buiding material which is widely used in different fields, such as smelting,paper making, cement,chemicals, and some factories and mining construction plant.

1. The molding speed is fast and the output is high. The four-column brick machine has PLC automatic control, host interface and reliable performance.

   2. After the mortar is stirred and crushed, the concrete tile produced is perfect, with various shapes, high density, high strength and accurate size, which can meet the needs of different buildings. KQ8-128 concrete tile is the best in concrete products.

   3. KQ8-128 watt machine can be used for many purposes. By replacing the roof tile mould, the equipment can produce a variety of styles of main Roman roofing tiles, double Roman roofing tiles, ridge tiles, edge tiles and trench tiles. KQ8-128 watt machines can also produce high-grade concrete tiles, floor tiles and paving slabs of different styles.

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